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Day Care

New to Balanced Bark?

Does our daycare sound like the place for your pup? Do they have what they need to come play?

Here's a list of our requirements for your dog to join our pack:

  • Mandatory vaccines: DHLPP (annual core vaccine), Rabies vaccine, Bordetella/kennel cough (recommended), and Flea/tick prevention (recommended)
  • Spay/neuter: Mandatory at six months of age (no exceptions)
  • Paperwork: Please fill out the mandatory paperwork (Registration and Waiver forms) at home (click here to download) or in person at our facility.

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Monthly membership: $590.00 / per month

15 day pass: $499.00

10 day pass: $354.00

5 pass: $186.00

Single day: $39.50

Half day: $28.00

Hourly: $8.50

Spa and Play: $27.00 + grooming charge

*GST not included 

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Free Services

While typically at other facilities these are considered "Add on Services" we provide them complimentary to all our dogs staying with us.

  • Medication
  • Feeding/Hand feeding
  • Raw food storage in small amounts
  • Treat time (healthy treats provided)
  • Monthly health checks and report cards
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Nap, bedding provided
  • Kennel free play time
  • One on one time with staff
  • Photos of you dog via text and/or social media
  • Cuddles, love and attention
  • Loose leash pack walks
  • Outdoor potty breaks
  • Threshold boundaries
  • Basic obedience training
  • Treadmill training
  • Name association
  • Recall Training
  • Verbal guidance and training advice in shop

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What does a typical day look like at The Balanced Bark?

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Drop-off time is from 6:30am until 10:00am. We start the day with our first on-leash potty break around 9:00 AM and follow this with on-leash pack walks around the neighbourhood (lasting from 30 min – 1 hr depending on weather and your dog’s physical needs). Once our walks are finished, it’s on to the playtime! Our guests are free to find a buddy for some wrestling or for some well-deserved nap-time, as well as participate in some fun activities like treat time, bubble time, toy time, and much more!


Second on-leash potty break happens around 12 noon, followed by our final on-leash potty break at 2:30pm. Pick-up time usually starts around 3:30pm, and ends at our closing time of 7pm, bringing our fun filled daycare day to an end.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Reservations are required for your pup to attend daycare as well as grooming! For safety and staffing purposes, we have a strict limit of dogs we are able to accept everyday. Please call, Facebook, email or text us to reserve your spot.

(Please ensure that you’ve received confirmation from us that your spot is reserved!)

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